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We are a teaching team with a passion for creative and innovative education, which seeks to maximize the skills of its students, to form citizens of the future, capable of facing the challenges of current and future society.

For the students of Kopernikus School everything is an opportunity to learn, in an experiential, collaborative and reflective way. From the uniqueness of each student we develop creativity, an inquisitive spirit, critical thinking and autonomy.


Our students of today, tomorrow will be citizens committed to the global challenges of the world, with deep meaning and social sensitivity, rigor and respect for others.


Our graduates will be proud to have been the living protagonists of the history of this school; creative, autonomous and aware of their abilities, they will be comprehensive citizens when facing the challenges that the world presents them.


Thus, together with our collaborators, we will make a decisive contribution to the development of the environment and the community of Frutillar, and from here, we will play an important role in the Chilean educational system of the future.




We value the individuality of each human being and from there, we promote respect among all members of the community, we respect the learning rhythms that each one has and we appreciate the differences.



We understand that autonomy, creativity and collaboration, central skills in our educational model, can not be developed without rigor and perseverance.



We believe in the importance of each person being responsible for the environment in which they operate, and that they are the protagonist of their own learning.



Being a teacher at Kopernikus School is highly challenging. It implies being a professional of excellence who knows and creates connections with their students, who is proactive and mobilized by learning, is flexible, collaborative and rigorous in their practice and appropriates the project to which they belong. All that allows them to create and innovate.

What does it mean to be proactive?
Take the initiative to generate constructive changes, becoming actively involved and responsible for what happens.

What does it mean to be flexible?
Adapt positively to the requirements of the environment and the institution.

What does it mean to be rigorous?
Complete his or her job to a high standard in all areas of their work.

What does it mean to be collaborative?
Somebody who understands that his work is enhanced when he shares and creates with others.

What does it mean to know and bond?

Value, accompany and take charge of the uniqueness of each child and their learning and development process.





Kopernikus School was born in 2014 as an extension of the preschool experience "Let's play the Arts" that started in Richter House School of the Arts and that articulated its pedagogical activities around art and culture, with a close relationship with “Teatro del Lago”.

From there, the idea was created to start with an educational project that will continue with the spirit where music, art and movement were protagonists in the learning process.


The year following its creation the Jenaplan model was incorporated into the educational project, becoming a great pedagogical contribution.


Currently, we have an educational model of our own, which has consistently integrated the best of the Jenaplan model and creative learning by responding to the local reality.


This educational center offers quality, innovation and integration, and seeks that its students discover their potential and abilities through an educational model of vanguard and excellence, according to the challenges of the 21st century.

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