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We understand the learning in School as a learning for life, therefore, it must be able to be transferred by children to other contexts.

In this sense, the family has a key role to strengthen and enhance learning in the context of everyday life. For this reason in our learning community, the family is aware of what their children learn, how they learn and how they can support them.

Our parents are active figures in the development and learning of young people and children, so the School has structured spaces of broad participation to be part and responsible for this process.


Some formal groupings of our representatives:


The mission of the Parent-Guardian Center is to give a voice to all the representatives belonging to the Kopernikus Community.

Good relations committee

We understand the importance of the environment for the formation and development of our students, being the good relations committee of great relevance to work on how we can promote better learning scenarios every day.

Environment committee

As a conscious and active community in our environment, we have a committee formed by our representatives that aims to promote good practices related to the environment. Thus, we improve every day.


Know the benefit agreements, for proxies and Kopernikus officials.

The institutions in agreement are: Clinica del Sur, Puerto Varas Dental Clinic, Sotavento Bookstores and Fundación Teatro del Lago

To make use of these discounts you must present the CPA Agreements card at the time of purchase. 

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