We understand the learning in School as a learning for life, therefore, it must be able to be transferred by children to other contexts.

In this sense, the family has a key role to strengthen and enhance learning in the context of everyday life. For this reason in our learning community, the family is aware of what their children learn, how they learn and how they can support them.

Our parents are active figures in the development and learning of young people and children, so the School has structured spaces of broad participation to be part and responsible for this process.


Some formal groupings of our representatives:


Conoce los convenios de beneficio, para apoderados y funcionarios Kopernikus.

Las instituciones en convenio son: Clinica del Sur, Clínica Odontológica Puerto Varas, Librerías Sotavento y Fundación Teatro del Lago

Para hacer uso de estos descuentos debes presentar la tarjeta de Convenios del CPA al momento de la compra.